Has anyone tried the McGriddle sandwich from McDonald’s? It is, essentially, a sandwich composed of egg, sausage, and American cheese encased in two pancakes with syrup already on the inside.
Chris has a friend who’s shooting a commercial for the McGriddle tomorrow, and it got me to thinking…
I mean, true, it makes a plate at your local pancake house (where they’ll give you a short stack alongside your omelet) or diner look like a deconstruction of this thing, but…what would you call the McGriddle then? A construction?
A friend suggested to me once that there are no new kinds of art, to which I replied, “I don’t know. Maybe it’s not so much about finding new kinds of art anymore as new combinations or new ways to use art.” I cited fleece vests made of recycled bottles as an example. It made sense at the time, but then, a lot of things made sense in 2006 that don’t make sense to me now. Like Yellowtail wine in a juice glass, like coffee in the middle of the night in a kitchen with a broken clock.
The McGriddle is kind of like that fleece vest, a recombination, familiar components put into a new context.
I’m just sayin’—the McGriddle weirds me out a little. It does cover all the sugar-fat-salt bases (one blogger said the only downside was that it made their fingers shiny. Well all right then) so I can see the base appeal (sneaky flavor design to lure consumers?), and I’m sure it tastes all right going down. It just seems like stoner food, not breakfast.
The thing that really weirds me out, though, is the M branded on the top. Very Zorro.

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