I read a really interesting piece from Psychology Today blogger Harriet Brown on why we need to make peace with fat.

The fat in fish is good for you!

Fat phobia still runs rampant in our society, even though fat is an important component in a healthy diet—we need it for the neural cell membranes that support proper brain function, for the endocrine system, and even the cardiovascular system. It helps keep our hair and skin healthy too.

Brown uses a conversation with the mother of a girl recovering from anorexia nervosa (the mother was disgusted by the fat content of recipes recommended to promote healthy weight gain) to illustrate how harmful this widespread panic about fat can be, especially to someone recovering from an eating disorder.

Almond butter & oatmeal—a match made in heaven

If you have the time, the whole post is really worth reading. It’s so important for individuals dealing with eating disorders to have support at home, and when there is an air of alarm around the foods needed to help achieve and maintain a healthy weight, recovery is so much more difficult.

A slice of avocado on your sandwich or some olive oil on your salad is not going to hurt you—a piece of cheesecake can’t even kill you. In fact, your body needs some fat to keep doing its job, taking care of you!

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