I found this fun little Gobbling By the Signs list that tells you what your astrological sign’s typical Thanksgiving behavior is.

I was amused to see that my sign, Sagittarius, is most likely to just go camping for the long weekend. That sounds about right. Well, maybe not camping—I think a tropical locale would be much more my speed. At least that’s what I’d rather be doing. I’m not a big fan of Thanksgiving and other holidays that involve traveling and sitting still for long periods of time being on good behavior. Ideally, I like to be able to work in the kitchen or get out and take a walk at some point for some fresh air and alone time.

This year, my family is going up to Boston to spend Thanksgiving with Chris’ family. I’m sure it will be fun, but I’m definitely bringing my yoga pants. It’s not quite the same as a long walk on the beach, but I’m sure I’ll be needing to take me a few vinyasas.

Feast on some astrological insight into the holiday eating habits of your friends and loved ones.

Aries starts eating before everyone else has been seated.

Taurus accepts only the finest pieces of white meat.

Gemini grabs both turkey wings for themselves.

Cancer spends all day slaving over a hot stove and cries when the meal is over too soon.

Leo sulks that Capricorn is at the head of the table.

Virgo will only accept a minimum helping of the meal.

Libra does their best to make sure everyone gets equal portions.

Scorpio puts extra garlic in the mashed potatoes.

Sagittarius goes camping for the long weekend.

Capricorn sits at the head of the table.

Aquarius makes a meal entirely out of soy products.

Pisces wants to be one with the turkey.

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