Happy Friday! Today is my last day in Burn—that went fast! Just a warning—you’re probably going to hear me talk a lot (or ok—even more than I already do) about how quickly time is passing in the coming weeks. I just had a review of my patient care notes with my program director the other day, and it was so crazy to hear her asking me questions about my internship experience. Some of the things I did seem so long ago!

I’ve got a ton of great stories from this year (though not many of them are blog-appropriate), and I’m hoping there are many more in my future. One of the things I was asked was how certain rotations might be improved. This isn’t anything the Food & Nutrition department can really do (short of providing new interns with mix CDs/the 2013 equivalent), but man—I wish I’d known about this song back when I was doing my Behavioral Health rotation!

I know that’s only tangentially related to nutrition, but I just wanted to share!

Do you have any “new to you” songs you’re loving lately? Any good weekend plans? 

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