Normally, my weekday breakfasts look something like this: img 0996 - Tastes Change

I’ve never thought of myself as a savory breakfast person, but yesterday morning, all I wanted was some freaking scrambled egg whites. Maybe it was because I’d just done weights at the gym and knew I’d be on my feet a while before having to  give another presentation? I mean, tastes change, and given the pair of eclipses we had in November, the planets could be aligned for a breakfast makeover. The idea of anything sweet made me want to gag. I didn’t have to be in until 9 (living large, I know), so I actually had a few minutes to throw something together.

img 1085 - Tastes Change

egg whites with veggies sprouted grain toast with hummus and roasted eggplant

Yeah, I think I want to do this again. Since I used the microwave (yes, even for the eggs—just pour egg whites in a mug, cover with a mug, and cook in 45-second increments until done), it didn’t even take that long. It just might be a weekday possibility.

As for that presentation, it went so much more smoothly than the last! Being at a smaller hospital was nice. We even sold out in only an hour-and-a-half! My partner sold out at the site he was at too, so that was great too. I think we’re both just happy to have the project done.

Are you a sweet or a savory breakfast person?