Happy Thursday, guys! I’m off today because I’m working the weekend, so I’ve been enjoying some of my favorite “free day” things: sleeping in until it’s light out (big freaking deal, I know), pilates, errands, and lunch with my sister!

I’m a big fan of lunch specials, and the ones at Sushi Yasaka on the Upper West Side did not disappoint. After a week of cafeteria soup-and-salad combos, it was nice to sit down to a very satisfying meal with high-quality ingredients.

I ordered the king salmon teriyaki lunch box, which came with miso soup…img 0524 - Sushi Lunch Date

along with a bunch of other stuff: steamed shumai, salad, rice…img 05271 - Sushi Lunch Date

and a pumpkin (kabocha) tempura roll. img 0528 - Sushi Lunch Date

There was also plenty of green tea consumed.  img 0529 - Sushi Lunch Date

Not too shabby for 12 bucks. It was such a nice change of pace to sit down for a satisfying meal in a room that was actually quiet! I also think I found my new go-to sushi spot. Not like I had an old one, but hey…

What are some of your favorite things to do on a day off? How about your go-to restaurants?