Wow, this weekend went fast. How was yours? I stayed in Friday night to study and then spent Saturday evening with some friends. Today I went out to NJ for my family’s annual tree-trimming get-together. Honestly, it’s usually just us hanging out, eventually getting around to taking ornaments out of boxes and putting them on the tree while the dogs run around and try to eat things.

My parents have quite the collection of Star Wars and Star Trek ornaments...

I woke up with what may or may not be the beginnings of a cold this morning, so plenty of turmeric tea and vegetables were called for. Luckily, my mom hooked me up with what I needed…

So tomorrow is my Proteins, Fats & Carbs final. I’m scared sh!tless, but oh well. What will be will be. This is my hardest subject, so I’ll be legitimately happy if I pass. I’m not great with exams—what matters most is whether I can come away from it able to give a client the basics, and I feel I can do that.

What did you do this weekend? 

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