Taste Artisanal HoneyOne of my favorite finds at the Coffee and Tea Festival last weekend was this delicious rosemary fig honey from Taste Artisanal Market, a Pennsylvania-based company that creates a variety of spreads and honeys.

Products like this are exactly what I’m talking about when I encourage patients and clients to move away from artificial sweetener and choose instead to use a small amount of something they love. A little goes a long way—and provides a flavor that takes a humble snack to a new level of awesome.

What I love about this is the subtle but distinct rosemary flavor—it’s the perfect balance to the sweet honey and the slightly tart fig. I’m also a fan of the health benefits associated with rosemary, a powerful anti-inflammatory herb: improved immune function, good digestion and increased circulation. An added bonus:  that optimized blood flow to the brain may improve concentration, which is great if you need to focus at work!

So far, I’ve been enjoying it with sliced apple and cheese—the Trader Joe’s mini bries are a perfect pairing, but a nice goat cheese would work too! Here are a few other ways I plan to try it out:

  • Drizzled over ricotta or plain Greek yogurt
  • On a salad with a little olive oil
  • In a sandwich—maybe a grilled goat cheese & apple creation?
  • As a glaze for chicken, pork, or fish
  • With various cheeses, crackers, fruits, and nuts for a party appetizer plate

What foods or products are you excited about these days? 


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