Some weeks are busy, and some weeks are very busy. This week already seems to be falling under the latter category. Rather than worry about cooking each day, I prefer to just make a bunch of stuff when I have a free few hours and mix & match all week.IMG_1801

In my humble opinion, this method is way better than ordering in every night. This may or may not be because the idea of take-out for one usually makes me feel depressed and uncharacteristically lonely (Sagittarius = bachelor sign), but it might also be because this saves me a lot of money. Besides, I’d rather do something healthy my way in the spirit of National Nutrition Month than fork over big NYC bucks for something eaten out of a plastic container. If I’m going to enjoy the extra fat/salt/sugar I’d rather make it a pleasurable experience out with good company.

Do you like to prep food for the week ahead? Thoughts on take-out? 

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