In addition to it being the holiday season, it also happens to be finals season for us students. On Monday, I have my last final (Advanced Nutritional Biochem—Proteins, Fats & Carbs) of the semester. I’ve been in grad school for almost 3 years with no breaks, so I’m nearing that burnout “who cares about amino acid metabolism” place.

To fuel these oh-so-exciting study sessions, I’ve been making sure to eat balanced meals while still making a little time for social activities, like catching up over drinks at Leah’s the other day. Today I have plans to see some of my lady friends. And yes, that’s champagne in that mug…img 3943 - Study Breaks

img 3944 - Study Breaksimg 3935 - Study BreaksI’ve also been making time for exercise and yoga to balance out the, um, mugs of champagne. Cleaning also seems to be a good study break. My apartment is freaking sparkling right now.

Since my internship doesn’t start until late February, I am looking forward to two glorious months off from school. I still have to work, but I will take that over work plus papers and exams any day!

It’s kind of crazy to think that this time next week, it’ll be Christmas Eve. I think I’m ready…

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