I had about had it with the studying by late this morning. Luckily, my sister came into the city and rescued me for a few hours! It was good to get out for some sushi and a little shopping. I also popped my 16 Handles cherry. I’d been hearing about the frozen yogurt free-for-all but hadn’t yet tried it for myself. It was the perfect cap off to a fun day with one of my favorite humans : )

In case you’re wondering…I sampled some of the red velvet and peanut butter fro-yo and sprinkled on a tiny bit of cookie dough, heath bar, and chocolate sprinkles (jimmies for you Bostonians). It’s funny, I used to be all about toppings, but at some point when I wasn’t looking, that changed. A little goes a long way now. This was perfect! They also had lots of fresh chopped up fruit that looked great.

I love that you can pay by the ounce and get as much or as little as you want [insert portion control lecture here]. I try not to eat sweet stuff in place of real food too often, but once in a while, on a hot day, there’s nothing better.

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