Has anyone else been having weird dreams lately? I always have vivid dreams, but I go through phases where they’re especially intense. Those who know me would probably not be surprised that I’m into dream analysis—when I was in middle school, I wanted to be a dream interpreter when I grew up.  Turns out you can do that and have a day job too.

I don’t necessarily into all the various schools of thought on dreams or symbols, but I do think it’s important to turn over the different symbols and themes and consider what they mean to you, specifically. I think that when we dream, we’re often trying to sort through stuff in our subconscious. For example, I’m almost always trying to get somewhere by connecting from one train line to another. Given where I am in my career(s) and private life, this makes obvious sense to me.

I was up way too early this morning (at least it left me extra time to do yoga), trying to make sense of a dream in which I’d been trying to find time to go shopping for new silverware. In real life, I get oddly attached to utensils and glassware—last year, being left with half was weirdly emotional for me. Going out and buying a few replacement spoons was hugely symbolic, like, “new life on my own terms with whatever damn flatware I please.”

A favorite glass with a spoon I stole from my college dining hall back in 2005

So yeah, while I don’t necessarily think dream dictionaries are gospel or anything, sometimes they’re a helpful guide—that little bit of insight can open your thinking to what your personal meaning is. I laughed out loud when I looked up “silverware” on my favorite dream analysis site and read: To see or use new and fancy silverware in your dream indicates harmony in your domestic life. Things are going well. Alternatively, the dream signifies your willingness to help others and to lend a hand.

Amusing. It would be nice if you could buy harmony. Trying to clear my schedule to make time for it, though, is definitely pretty true to the current state of things.

Anyway, bet you didn’t expect a random little lesson in dream interpretation, but there you go. If you have time, check out the site and enjoy!

Do you analyze your dreams? What are some common symbols? Do you get attached to silverware? 

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