I’ve never had a taste for marijuana (convenient, given how many drugs tests you have to take when you work in healthcare), though in my life I’ve exhibited a taste for men with a taste for marijuana. In college, I spent a lot of time around people talking about “stoner food,” recounting some of the odd concoctions they’d been inspired to create while under the influence. I remember recipes for things ranging from pita chips to grilled macaroni-and-cheese sandwiches. I also remember being fed Honey Nut Cheerios for dinner (how romantic) and being hit up for Cheeto-money.

In today’s New York Times dining section there was an entertaining article about chefs using marijuana to create “a new kitchen culture” dubbed haute stoner cuisine. Anthony Bourdain is quoted as saying,“There has been an entire strata of restaurants created by chefs to feed other chefs…These are restaurants created specially for the tastes of the slightly stoned, slightly drunk chef after work.”

He offers Montreal’s Au Pied de Cochon, with its poutine of foie gras and Crif Dogs in the East Village, which makes a deep-fried cheese steak hot dog, as examples. The Times also mentions Momofuku and its cereal-milk soft-serve ice cream (freaking brilliant).

Roy Choi, who owns the fleet of Kogi Korean taco trucks in LA and recently opened a restaurant called Chego!, admits he uses marijuana to fuel his creativity and take a quick break during long, hectic days.

Man, I wish that worked for me. I’ve been going since 6 a.m. and am seriously thinking about just taking a nap rather than trying to plow through the wall headfirst. Or perhaps I’ll check out “Munchies,” a Web-based show called “Munchies” (www.vbs.tv/watch/munchies) that  follows chefs as they party and eat into the wee hours and then head back to their kitchens to cook.

I had thought this lunch of a grilled almond-butter-and-jelly sandwich plus a green smoothie (frozen banana, spinach, and almond milk) would wake me up a little, but no luck. It turned out a nap was really what I needed.

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