On Sunday night, I went to a sparkling wine tasting with my mom and sister at New York Vinters. If you like wine or are interested in learning more about it, check out their awesome class offerings. Because I had a Groupon code, the cost of the class was only $25 per person, and we got to try seven different wines.

I was basically in heaven because I love sparkling wines but get bored easily.

When we sat down, we were each presented with a small glass of sparkling sake. This was very refreshing and didn’t have the same syrupy back-of-mouth feeling I normally get from sake. 

The first round featured, from left to right, a Lambrusco and Prosecco from Italy, plus a sparkling Shiraz from Australia.

I think the Shiraz was my favorite. It was really bold but since the bubbles weren’t as intense as the prosecco, it wasn’t overwhelming. I also really dug the Lambrusco—I’m used to darker varieties, so the bright red color and tart cherry taste was a nice change of pace.

For the second round, we sampled a sparkling wine from New Mexico that was fantastic. There was also a Cava from Spain I really liked, but the Champagne from France basically rendered everything else undrinkable by comparison.

Sometimes when people start spouting off, saying stuff like, “I detect a hunt of stone-fruit,” or “If you waft it, this smells a bit like rice my mother used to make back when I lived in Japan, which is why I’m so much cooler than all of you,” I get tempted to say something like, “Hmmm…this smells like smoke blowing up someone’s a$$!”

To be fair, however, the champagne definitely smelled kind of funky, but the yeasty undertones were set off by fruity notes—it went down way too easily. 

At $53 a bottle (with a discount), the champagne wasn’t going to happen, but my mom bought a few bottles of the Prosecco and the Shiraz. I was very happy to be sent home with one of each.

Isn't my mom adorable?

Happy Campers

Now I just need an excuse to invite people over and get pouring.

Do you like wine? Do you have a favorite?  What do you think of wine tastings? 

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