We’ve been winding down our trip with a tour of Southern Italy. Yesterday morning to a buffalo mozzarella factory/farm, where we got to watch the buffalo wander around and get in line for the massaging and the milking machines. In addition to cheese that had been made half an hour ago, we got to taste buffalo-milk yogurt and ice cream. Sure, it has twice the fat of whole milk, but it was delicious, and when eaten in such a small quantity (out of a cute little jar!), it’s not exactly a bank-breaker.

After that, we visited a farm where we got to eat fresh cherries and apricots from the tree while learning about their organic growing methods. I’ve been really intrigued by how “organic” is more of a lifestyle thing in Italy and less of a marketing tool, at least in comparison to the states. Before getting back on the bus to head to the next thing, one of my instructors and a few classmates took a 5-minute yoga break.

In the afternoon, we had lunch by the sea and a little beach time between that and a visit to the Ancel Keys museum. It was so nice to splash around in the water for a bit. Even sitting on the bus watching the scenery go by felt restorative. The whole “Mediterranean diet as a lifestyle” concept really clicked into place. I felt so relaxed…and slept like a baby.

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