As I mentioned in Monday’s post, Michael Pollan made an appearance last night at the Barnes and Noble in Tribeca. I’m sure a lot of my classmates and fellow Michael Pollan groupies were present, but I decided, instead, to go see my boyfriend’s band, My Cousin, the Emperor play a mellow acoustic show at the Rockwood Music Hall.

Sometimes, you just need a night off. When classes are in session, I often have to miss Chris’ shows, so it was nice to be able to sit back and enjoy without having to worry about looming assignments or my alarm clock. Since my school is on break and since my two most regular jobs involve colleges in some capacity, I’ve had a chance to go out to lunch with friends, visit my family, see movies, and even check out a few museums.

As interesting as I find Michael Pollan’s work and as great as I’m sure the event was, I just didn’t feel like crowding into a Barnes and Noble to talk about someone else’s “food rules.” And besides, even if I weren’t living in sin with the bass player, I’d still love this band.

I think it’s important to make time to do things you like to do rather than always do the things you think you “should” do. Enjoying life is just a part of overall wellness as eating right for your body and sleeping enough.

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