Sunday morning, I was up way early (so what else is new?) and prepping some food for the week. When I paused for breakfast, I was reminded of one of the very awesome things about being single: No one was there to tell me there was anything weird about eating soup for breakfast!

soup for breakfast

This was pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. It’s basically the same as my recipe for yellow split-pea soup, only instead of cabbage, I used thawed frozen spinach. Aside from the fact that it tastes good, the hefty dose of turmeric and garlic also helps clear up whatever cold-weather bug is trying to mess with your immune system.

Like I said, cold weather makes me crave savory breakfasts for some reason—this was the perfect way to satisfy that hunger pang.

To be completely honest, as a dietitian, I’d encourage anyone to eat whatever healthy food appeals to them in the morning—sometimes we do ourselves a disservice by limiting our options to the narrow scope of what’s “normal” to eat at a particular time of day. What’s important is getting a balanced mix of nutrients to fuel you for your day!

Do you ever have soup or non-breakfast foods for breakfast? 

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