IMG 7286 300x300 - Something FishySo, I totally forgot Lent started this week and neglected to come up with something to “give up “for the next 40 days. Remember last year when I gave up online shopping? Yeah, that backfired, big time. Rather than scramble to come up with something to forgo and write cheeky first-world martyrdom posts and status updates about, I think I’m going to spend the stretch of time from now until Easter Sunday practicing patience. By this I mean patience with others, patience with myself—focusing on bringing positive energy to my surroundings and maintaining a sense of calm through challenging moments.

One thing I also would like to try this year, which is new for me, is to eat fish every Friday this Lent. No one really needs to know this is more a reflection of my curiosity about new recipes than my pious Catholic ways or whatever, but hey. Who’s ready for oyster happy hour?

To get myself brainstorming, I started a new Pinterest board. Feel free to follow or offer suggestions!

Do you observe Lent? What’s your plan this year? 

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