Greetings from “Working now so I can play later” Land! This weekend, I’ve been kicking the ass of my to-do list. With the end of grad school looming, my work and social schedule for May are already filling up like crazy, so I’ve been taking advantage of some quieter days to get stuff squared away.

It hasn’t all been work, though. Case in point:

well, twist my rubber arm

well, twist my rubber arm

Saturday night, my friend Anna and I met for dinner and drinks at Ayza wine and chocolate bar in the West Village. I’d been joking earlier about the fact that when RDs get together, it’s, like, “Let’s each enjoy a glass or two of red wine and savor some organic dark chocolate.” When Anna suggested this place she’d found on an app called Savored, I laughed…Talk about culinary law of attraction—or maybe just a cliche in action. Either way, the food, drink, and company were all enjoyable.

I also met up with some friends on Thursday for dinner on the Upper West Side at Bettola. Do you ever walk by a place a million times, always saying you’ll make a mental note to check it out? Living in NYC, this happens to me a lot! Anyway, it was great to catch up and enjoy some good food.

IMG_2182Predictably, I ordered the roasted salmon, which came with veggies and potatoes—it was delicious. The chicken and ravioli dishes my friends ordered also looked—and smelled—fantastic. Their pizzas also sounded great. The prices were pretty good too. I think a return visit may be in order.

For now, though, back to the grind. Have an awesome day!

Enjoyed any good restaurant meals lately? Do you use apps to make reservations? 

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