Hope you’re enjoying a lovely weekend. Mine has been very restorative so far. My Saturday started with a morning yoga class. One great thing about being an early riser is not having to fight for mat space at a 9 a.m. donation-based class.

Then I had a picnic in the park with a few of my fellow interns. It was great to hang out, eat good food, and get in some girl talk . 

After running some errands, I finally settled in for a night of studying and project-tweaking. I covered a lot, and though I’ll still be happy if I get above a C, at least I feel confident I won’t totally fail. It’s so weird—I have no problem explaining biochemical concepts to people who ask about them, but when it comes to exams, I just can’t make it happen. I know there are some folks who strive for all A’s, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that for me, the real goal is to learn the material and just freaking pass the class. Screw what everyone else is doing.

Later this morning I’m headed to see my family to celebrate yet another Libra birthday—my grandfather is 81 today!

How’s your weekend going? Do you like picnics? 

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