My (undiagnosed) ADD cracks me up sometimes. The other night, while dealing with the second burnt-out light bulb in two days, I totally forgot I put the old one down “somewhere” while I went to grab a replacement from the closet. Well, I found it this morning when I wasn’t even looking for it. IMG_1896

For whatever reason, I’ve always looked at light bulb burn-outs as signs, especially when several happen within a few days of each other (and not because I’d last changed them all around the same time). I see it as a hint at a new phase, or at the very least, “in with the old, out with the new.” A friend said that, considering the iconography of the lightbulb, it means I need to smash some old ideas. Valid.

It’s similar to how I tend to take things like the sudden (and isolated) appearance of mice and cockroaches, as signs of movement, if kind of unpleasant. I’m weird, I know, but it’s never steered me wrong.


yay, carbs!

After a busy workweek, I’m feeling kind of wiped. I dragged myself to Zumba last night with my friend Anna. I’m glad I didn’t bail, but damn, my whole body hurts today. It was super-fun, though. I’d never had a male instructor before, and he totally killed it! And by “it,” I mean me. Afterwards we refueled with carbs (aka, wine & beer) and dinner at a restaurant that had just opened the day before. Things were a little chaotic, but the food was really good. I’d post photos, but there’s no real way to make sausage & mash or a veggie burger with fries look pretty.

I stayed up writing a little later than I meant to, but it was totally worth it. Now if only it was so easy to get on a roll with “work-work” and school projects…

Do you believe in “signs?” What’s are some other foods it’s hard to make pretty? 

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