After a night of crazy dreams, I woke up with practically no voice and still feeling achey and weird. Luckily no fever, despite the fever-dream-like nature of what I woke up from. I wasn’t surprised, but figured it was probably best to keep that sh!t out of the ICU today.

(Speaking of the ICU, I totally almost started crying yesterday when a patient I’d been following since they came in intubated and sedated was awake and talking to me—I must still be a bit hormonal/under the full moon spell).

Anyway…One nice thing about a sick day is getting to take your sweet time eating breakfast and checking emails in the morning. Who are we kidding, though? In a rush, I’d still have poured my made-ahead oatmeal into the almost-empty peanut butter jar. 

I seem to be a bit hyphen-happy today, no?

For better or worse, I’m that person who can’t sit still. I always find things to do when I say I’m going to rest. I’ll be like, “I feel like crap. I think I’ll roast an eggplant.” Case in point, today I have revisions due for an article and a biochem exam to study for. I’ll probably end up working on those today, if from my bed.

Either that or I could just hang out and watch My Drunk Kitchen

Are you good at resting on your sick days? 

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