Greetings from the Jersey Shore!

For the past few days I’ve been relaxing and enjoying having a few days off.

Does anyone else ever feel extra spaced out when they’re on vacation? My mom always says you get that way because you can. It’s like your body knows you won’t be needing to bring your A-game for a while, so it goes into recharge mode. While that’s not the most scientific explanation for why lying on the beach is so exhausting, it makes sense. 

Naturally, we came prepared with lots of good food. Yesterday, after a morning walk to get (more) groceries, I threw together a weird-but-god yogurt bowl:

Yogurt & berries topped with bits of crumb cake

My mom made chunky vegetable juice, served up in mugs—classy

After a day spent mostly on the beach, we went out for dinner Saturday night. I made the mistake of drinking most of my wine before my food got there, but it all worked out okay.

swordfish with veggies for me

veggie burger for Chris

Happy Campers

Chris and I walked from dinner to an ice cream stand, where we shared soft serve with hot fudge and peanut butter cups. Or more, I ate it and he took a few bites. He said he was still pretty full from dinner. Hey whatever, more for me.

The long walk home was really nice. I love how it stays warm in the summer.

Weird vampire dreams aside, I slept really well. White noise machine ocean sounds have nothing on the real thing.

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