Do you think a re-designed shopping cart could get shoppers to make healthier choices? Researchers at New Mexico State University did a study where they placed a yellow line across the width of shopping carts, designating one half for fruits and vegetables, and the other half for everything else.

Collin Payne, an assistant professor in marketing at NMSU’s College of Business, said, “We showed a 102 percent increase in people buying fruits and vegetables, without showing a decrease in supermarket profitability.”

What’s especially encouraging about this study is that it actually inspired healthier choices. Do you think a shopping cart re-design would get you to change your buying habits? I’m just holing out for a basket that will tell me, “Jess, you don’t need the $2.50 6-oz Greek yogurt. Stick with the $2.99 32-oz plain and call it a day.”

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