September is always a busy month, which can be both a wonderful and a stressful thing. It’s also a month which holds a number of sad / emotional anniversaries for me and my family, so I find that I have to be extra-intentional about self-care to get through. I always remind myself of what I tell my patients—self-care can be really small or really practical things, it doesn’t have to be something sweeping or drastic or expensive. For me, self-care during busy or emotionally challenging times is often less about adding new things and more about checking in with myself about what I can pare down, asking What can I simplify? 


This particular September I realized mid-month that I had reverted to my stay-busy workaholic tendencies by filling my nights and weekends with extra projects and podcast recordings and that I was starting to get burnt out and needed to clear some more time. Aside from my day to day work and life stuff, I’ve also been putting the finishing touches on a big project I can finally tell you about soon, and we are also planning a vow renewal celebration and getting ready to start construction on our house. Lots of wonderful things, but so many moving parts. 

And suddenly Q4 is here somehow? You can learn more about my initial intentions for the year here, and how my approach changed in Q2 and Q3. I’m continuing to focus a lot on the word “clear” and on staying tuned in. I also have some specific affirmations I’m working with. I’m always amazed at how effective that practice is. September marked a full year since I moved out of New York, and I still haven’t started to process what a big deal that was, but it’s been a really positive change for me—just a lot all at once! 

This month I have some interviews with some great podcast guests to share with you and a few new articles and media appearances. 

September 2021 Media



A Flavor Scientist on Why Americans Are So Obsessed With Pumpkin Spice 




5-Ingredient Green Goddess Dressing




Featured In: 



Why You Should take Vitamin D with a Source of Healthy Fat



Podcast Episodes: 

Podcast: Dr. Talya Miron-Shatz

Podcast: Regina Wallace Jones, Mindbody SVP of Product & Engineering

Podcast: Dietitian and Unapologetic Eating Author Alissa Rumsey


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