This week is flying by—I feel like the only time I’ve been able to sit down has been in class!  I’ve been relying on Tupperware a lot…Good thing millet, tofu, and roasted veggies taste just as good cold as they do hot! Cooking ahead so I don’t have to stress is one of the usual ways I preserve my sanity during hectic times.

One of the places I found myself rushing to was a little more fun than the usual class-work-volunteer grind—I went to see My Morning Jacket last night at Terminal 5 and actually had enough energy to stay until the bitter end. Check out the debris.

I have a really big day tomorrow that involves both my cleaning up nice (heels and all) and a midterm, but I’m really looking forward to getting noodles with my sister for lunch! I need to do some exploring in the realm of all things ramen here in NYC—how convenient that the Times just ran a piece about that very topic this week!

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