Good morning and happy Saturday! Anything good going on this weekend? I’m spending some time with family and planning to do a lot more studying. I am very thankful to no longer be in this kind of mood—and not to have gotten salmonella from freaking tea.

I know the other day I joked about a possible WIAW spin-off about the RD exam, but seriously. I don’t know whether to say I’ve gotten creative or just plain weird. Not that I don’t walk this line all the time as it is, but still. For example, I can’t be the only person ever to add vegetables and egg whites to mac & cheese leftovers in order to use things up, right?IMG_1765

Side note: I was pleased to learn the other day that you can make boxed mac & cheese with a little olive oil instead of butter, skim milk instead of low-fat (not that it matters much), and that mixing in a little nonfat ricotta can be great if you want a little more protein and texture without the saturated fat you’d get from just adding regular cheese. Oh, and truffle salt—also good.

One more conventional thing I enjoyed over the past week was some tandoori tofu. It was great over curried basmati brown rice, steamed greens and roasted veggies, and I added a little goat cheese on top.IMG_1762

I was lazy and just used a jarred marinade, but whatever works.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten recently? 

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