Oh, the cuteness! And oh, New York...

Oh, the cuteness! And oh, New York…

Good morning and happy weekend! For those of you celebrating Easter and Passover, hope you’re able to enjoy some time with the people who matter to you. I’m sure a lot of you brave folks who gave up chocolate for Lent are really looking forward to biting into a chocolate bunny ear tomorrow!

I’m headed to visit my family later today to mark that time Jesus rose from the dead just because He could. Or however the story goes. I don’t mean to make light—I’m just having fun. As a kid, I remember being confused when Sister Bea told our CCD class that Easter was the most important Catholic holiday because I’d always thought Christmas was the big one (presents, decorations, etc.), but she explained that, well, a dude can’t just walk on water to show he’s the real deal, you know? Okay, that’s not exactly what she said, but that’s how I like to remember it.

If nothing else, I can at least get on board for celebrating the so-called resurrection that springtime brings. This is the first year in a while I’ve felt so in touch with the change in season and the regenerative energy in the air—or at least the hints of it on the breeze, which continues to grow milder. As I spoke about recently, it’s a great time to reexamine our New Years resolutions and evaluate our progress, where we want to go from here and how. 

Want to improve your exercise habits? I loved this piece from Zen Habits, “The 38 Best Methods of Successful Exercisers.”

Maybe you want to reign in your spending or rethink your financial priorities? I think this photo from a recent drug store trip says a bit more about mine than I’d care to admit, even if I do clip coupons. The deep conditioner and blotting papers may be good “investments” for looking presentable in meetings and interviews, but the coconut water? Just drink less wine the night before, Jess.  Pretend you don’t see the fancy, but-it-was-on-sale gum…IMG_2036

Looking to clean up your eats after a holiday sugar-fest? I know I was making fun of Gwyneth the other day, but these recipes from her new cookbook actually sound pretty good! I don’t know if my zucchini bread oatmeal would make the cut with her guru, but I know it makes me feel well-nourished and energized when I start the day with a bowl of it. IMG_2032

Want to smile more? If you haven’t seen this already, check out this adorable story about an autistic girl’s “broken” cheeseburger.

Have you made any springtime resolutions? What breakfast foods help you start off on a good foot? 


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