Happy Monday! Did you have a good weekend? I’m up bright and early to head to week two of my current rotation. I’m not gonna lie, the 3-hour roundtrip commute is not really doing it for me, but at least I got a lot of sleep over the weekend-and least this is the only rotation like this.

As someone who thrives off routine, it’s challenging to have to rethink and rearrange every three weeks. Though this internship is meant to be a clinical learning experience, learning flexibility (for me, anyway) is turning out to be just as important. Frustrating as it can be, I think it’s good for me to have to step outside my comfort zone on a regular basis and find ways to make it work.

For example, since I have to leave my apartment in time to make a 7:30 shuttle on the other side of town, I had to turn my morning routine on its head. I’m used to getting up, working out, showering, getting dressed and then eating breakfast right before running out the door. Instead, I’ve been showering and doing my hair at night and packing breakfast to eat when we finally get to the campus around 8:15 or so. Exercise last week consisted of a lot of walking and living room yoga. Whatever works. I might try a few different things this week, just to see what happens.

The yogurt-based overnight oats have been helpful, but I won’t lie, I was happy to have hot oats over the weekend. I even tried something new—leftover steamed kabocha cooked in. Try it, it’s delicious! Just chop it up and cook it in with whatever else you’re throwing in. It was a great way to get out of a rut. 

Wow-all kinds of details you probably don’t really care about. Thanks for letting me ramble a little!

What’s your commute like? Do you get attached to your routine or do you mix things up a lot? Any tips? 

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