Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend! I’m still pretty fried, but my apartment is looking great and already feels like home. Naturally, the kitchen was one of the first things I set up, and I’ve already made some nice things there. I still have to clean the oven, though, before I feel like it’s ready to be used…

I did find time to get cleaned up and go out to dinner on Saturday night. I’m so glad it’s sundress weather. There really is nothing like enjoying a meal outside on a warm summer evening.

A meal one of my friends made—delicious

While I love going out to restaurants and sharing meals at friends’ homes, I always dread that moment where I have to bring up the Tree Nuts Thing. Over the past year it’s gotten easier, but it still makes me cringe a bit. I’m not used to being someone with a dietary restriction, and I’m always afraid I’ll be asked for proof or told, “If you have your epi pen, you’ll be fine.”

Anyway, on Sunday morning, I came across this article in the New York Times about how people deal with dietary restrictions when cooking with or for friends. I remember having a great time hosting a vegetarian, gluten-free dinner party last spring, and I do enjoy the challenge of coming up with something delicious that people with particular restrictions can eat. I’ve also been that guest who RSVPs with, “Hey, just wanted to give you a heads up/let me know if I can bring anything.”

Do you have any food restrictions you need to share when dining out? Do you enjoy cooking for others with restrictions or feel more inclined to let them bring their own food? 

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