Anticipating a few busy days, last night I made a bunch of millet and lentils and defrosted some marinara sauce I made before I left for Italy. I’m trying not to buy more food before we leave for the beach on Thursday (!) so I’ve been trying to use up what’s there. Chris threw together dinner, which included a lovely salad comprised of leftover tofu and greens (plus roasted red pepper and cured black olives) as well as a millet-lentil-marinara concoction that had ginger, garlic, jalepeno, and a bit of balsamic in it.

As he placed the dishes on the table, he said, “I’m the vegetarian Rachel Ray!” We had a good laugh over his expert assembly of the pre-prepped items. It was all really good, though, and my aching wrist was happy to have left it up to him rather than attempt the sweet potato gnocchi I’d been planning. I really have no business rolling out pasta dough when injured.

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