Yesterday was a really nice day. After working on a fun project with some lovely folks in the morning, I spent the afternoon running errands and alternating between napping and pretending to work.

I think I underestimated the effects of caffeine withdrawal. Either that or I’m fighting something off. Nothing a little turmeric tea can’t fix. 

Of course, sparkling wine enjoyed in front of an open window helps too. Early Saturday evening, my friend JR and I grabbed a drink at Wine Escape, a cute little Hells Kitchen wine bar. Go figure I didn’t get around to checking this place out until finding out I’m moving. So it goes. I still have a month and change before it’s time to pack up and head to a new neighborhood.

sparkling pinot noir—why not?

After that I ventured to the east 30’s for a friend’s birthday dinner at Hummus Kitchen. I’d walked by the one in Hells Kitchen a zillion times, so it was funny to finally get around to going to a location in another part of town. I couldn’t decide what I wanted, so I ended up ordering a mazze trio: falafel, salad and roasted cauliflower with green tahini. It was fun to catch up over a meal—normally it’s just rushed conversation at the hospital.

pardon the crappy photo-it was dark

We ended up staying at the restaurant until close to 11. Had my voice been working properly, I’d probably have joined the karaoke party, but my throat was so scratchy it hurt to talk and my eyes were beginning to close.

I feel like maybe I just needed some extra “recovery time” this weekend. Some really big, important stuff happened in the past week (home situation, work stuff, etc), and it’s like my body was just holding on to get through the crazy part. Now that I’m not trying to outrun the fatigue, part of catching my breath involves acknowledging that tiredness. I have to go into action mode soon, but for at least the next few days, I plan to enjoy the downtime and that peaceful feeling of knowing I’m on the right path.

When do you seem to need the most “recovery” time? 

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