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Lemon Dill Hummus

Hummus is a staple food in my house. I eat it in some context almost every single day. Sometimes I...
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What Are Functional Foods?

The topic of functional foods – what are they and how they can be best incorporated into...
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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It is that time again! Momma gets a day to relax. In the United States, Mother’s Day lands...
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Buffalo Tempeh Sheetpan 400x250 - Recipes

Baked Buffalo Tempeh

Lately, I’ve been asked to share some of my go-to meal prep tips and recipes featuring tempeh, a traditional Javanese food made from fermented soybeans. But before I share an amazing recipe, let’s look a bit deeper into this versatile and yummy good fat option for...

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SalmonDinnerPotato 400x250 - Recipes

The Overthink-Proof Plate

When talking about a healthy eating pattern, the topic of appropriate portion sizes inevitably comes up. And while it can be totally okay to geek out on calculating macronutrients and measuring cups, grams, and tablespoons, you don’t have to thanks to what I like to...

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EggRollInABowltranquil 400x250 - Recipes

Egg Roll In A Bowl

For those of you guys doing my January Veggie challenge, on Instagram keep up the awesome work! I’ve loved seeing your posts! Remember, you can jump in at any time this month. See my 1/1 post and the January Veggie Challenge Highlight for more info and the graphic to...

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