In today’s “ew” news, Ready Pack Foods Inc. is recalling ~ 300,000 cases of apple slices and pieces as well as 300,000 products containing apples sold at fast food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King, in addition to supermarkets around the country. The Use-By dates go up to August 20, and information on the government’s list of product names and UPC codes here, as well as on the company’s press release.

worst excuse to order the fries ever

The reason for the recall: possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination, a food borne pathogen which can cause life-threatening illness, especially in those with weakened immune systems and in pregnant women. Fortunately, no one has gotten sick yet—hopefully it will stay that way.

Also scary—as detailed on NPR’s The Salt blog, some of the products being recalled don’t even have the Ready Pac name to use as a guide. For example, Snack Pac Apples & Caramel, 4oz, marked with the Hannaford label, Fruit & Walnut Snack, 5.75oz, marked with the McDonalds label, and the Apples, Granola & Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt, 4.3oz, with the Wegmans label, are among the products being recalled.

Sheesh. I sure hope this isn’t the brand we serve to patients in the hospital…That would suck, going in for, like, a cholecystectomy and coming down with listeria because you tried to do the smart thing and choose apple slices over carrot cake for dessert. Granted, the chances are very small, as hospitals and other institutions take these kinds of recalls very serious, but it’s still scary to think about!

Have you ever been affected by a food borne illness? 

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