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Happy Thursday! Thanks to every who entered my RawSpiceBar giveaway. Today’s randomly selected winner is: Jen!

As for what her favorite spices are, Jen wrote, “I’m a fan of cumin and cinnamon. Got a nice big bag of herbs de Provence in the south of France last month that I can’t wait to crack open 🙂”

Congrats! Send an email to info(at)jessicacordingnutrition(dot)com with you contact info and I’ll have the company get your prize sent out to you!

You can also order gift subscriptions for your favorite foodies. Check out the RawSpiceBar:  3, 6, & 12 month spice gift plans. This also makes a great gift for yourself : )

Want to learn more about must-have spices and their health benefits? Check out my Shape post on 10 healthy spices to stock your kitchen with.

Some other stuff I have to share today:

*Have you heard about Flexible Dieting? While I tend to roll my eyes about any hashtag-worthy diet trend, I can get behind this particular buzzword. I recently spoke about flexible dieting with Self. Some people need a little more structure than others in establishing what moderation and flexibility mean to them, but honoring what is and realistic for you and talking with a registered dietitian if you need some guidance can help you enjoy an overall healthy diet that makes room for your favorite treats.

To give you a personal example, I love bacon, but I rarely have it in the house because I will somehow manage to eat the entire package within a week (unless I freeze half of it, and even half a package of bacon in a few days is more than I’d recommend anyone to have). Instead, I enjoy a serving once or twice a month while I’m out somewhere if I want it and just be mindful to keep any red or processed meats and high-sodium foods to a minimum in the days around that. Knowing it’s not 100% off limits keeps me from going overboard, but keeping it on the “in moderation” list keeps me from feeling deprived.

*Last week, I went to an awesome event hosted by the Six Degrees Society. I can’t tell you guys enough about how women’s networking groups like this one have changed my life. Meeting so many cool ladies not only has helped me expand my professional network, but I’ve met some amazing women I’m honored to call my friends.  At this particular events, in between networking with other attendees, we also got our hair styled and posed for headshots. I was really happy with mine!


photo by Marijana Marinovec

*Thinking ahead to any 2017 resolutions? I find looking back on the year that’s just passed is a really helpful way to clarify my vision for the year ahead. In this Lady Project post I talk about how reflecting can set you up for success ahead.

Have you made any resolutions for the new year yet? 

This has been another installment of the Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party, where randomness is the name of the game. Thanks to Amanda for hosting.

Disclosure: RawSpiceBar is hosting this giveaway. Opinions are my own. This post does contain an affiliate link, meaning that if you make a purchase through clicking on it, I will receive a small payment. 

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