It’s a rainy day here in New York. It’s been almost impossible to get myself to do work—I’ve outlined a freelance piece I’m doing and looked over my Biochem notes but that’s about it. Somehow I have a feeling that staying awake during Research Methods is gonna be hard today.

For lunch, I heated up some lentils my mom brought over along with some spinach and millet. On the side, I had leftover brussel sprouts and roasted beets.

“Dessert” was tea and one of my mom’s whole wheat pumpkin-cranberry muffins. I love the size of these—they’re small compared to the gigantic baked things we’ve grown accustomed to seeing, but meet the standard USDA serving size—just the right amount. They’re also made with a little agave nectar, so they’re not too sweet either. I hate when you bite into something and all you taste is sugar. Letting the ingredients shine is the key, in my opinion.

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