That toe would hurt more if it were broken, right?

Will anyone notice if I try to use the bottom of this table as a nail file?

Are the owners of these abandoned mugs getting a divorce? img 1501 - Questions I Ask Myself

Will eating eggs (aka “brain food”) while I study for the RD exam help me do well?

img 1543 - Questions I Ask Myself

Savory oatmeal with veggies plus goat cheese & a poached egg

  Yesterday, I had to remind myself several times that most people don’t feel guilty for wanting to curl up with a novel on a chilly Sunday. Between the exam, my last grad course, and a few freelance projects, I’m sort of thankful for my (undiagnosed) ADD, if only because it motivates me to multi-task. Either I am in denial about my workaholism, or I have been in school way too long. If I ever say anything about missing being a student, someone please give me a reality check!