Hope you’re enjoying a beautiful Sunday. Any Cinco de Mayo festivities on the agenda? As I mentioned yesterday, I spent most of Saturday at my sister’s place, where she and her roommates hosted a gathering.

There was plenty of food and drink and amusements. Sadly, I lost $1 in the Kentucky Derby bet—maybe I should stick to Roulette. On another note, I have no clue whose idea it was to put tampons in the piñata ; )

The addition of cotton balls, Adora calcium supplements, packets of Emergen-C, and a condom must have been the genius of an accomplice.

Have an awesome Sunday! I’m heading out soon to walk around and look at cherry blossoms in Brooklyn. It totally doesn’t feel like tomorrow is my first day at a new job, but true to my nerdy ways, I’ve already laid out my outfit, pre-made breakfast, and started filling my bag with the papers and stuff I’ll need.

What are you up to this Sunday? Do you celebrate Cinco do Mayo? 

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