Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I spent part of this weekend with friends and then went out to New Jersey Sunday afternoon for some family tree-decorating festivities.

Speaking of families…my friend Irena is the consulting nutritionist for Inna Zade’s new company Purely Organic Baby. While I don’t have kids myself, I know many people who do. As overwhelming as it can be to take care of ourselves and make sure we eat a balanced diet, many parents wrestle with finding ways to ensure their kids get the healthiest food they can. This is especially important for infants, and while some parents have the resources to make their own baby food, not everyone has time to spend over the stove and blender.

That’s why I thought Purely Organic Baby sounded like such a neat idea for busy parents—It’s organic, homemade baby food that is always individually made fresh (never frozen or pre-made) and delivered free to your home.

All food is made with fresh, 100% USDA Organic Certified ingredients—and lots of love and care goes into every single batch.

As founder Inna Zade emphasizes, “Every bite your baby takes is a nutritional opportunity for the baby to get the vitamins and nutrients that they need for optimal development and growth. The key is to provide your baby with the
freshest, best products out there and that is where Purely Organic Baby comes in. Purely Organic Baby makes sure that you are feeding your baby the very best organic baby food every time.”

Purely Organic Baby offers the food in stages.

100% Certified Organic
No Salt
No Sugar
No Preservatives
No Genetically Engineered Ingredients
No Pesticides Vegan
No Chemical Fertilizers
No Artificial Colors
No Artificial Flavors

Inna Zade
A mom who has always been passionate about giving her baby  Purely
Organic Baby foods.  Her philosphy is that all babies should eat
Purely Organic Baby  food. By developing healthy eating habits from
the start children and parents will find it much easier to stay on
track.  Each batch is prepared as if it was going to be for  her baby.

Irena Shnayder
Irena Shnayder is a graduate student in clinical nutrition at New York
University.  During her tenure at NYU, she developed a passion for the
culinary arts and has worked under the direction of top New York City
chefs.  Irena completed a Master of Gastronomy certification from the
Ritz Escoffier Culinary School in Paris, France.
As a result of her own experiences with experimenting with fad diets,
and their inevitable failure, she has been greatly inspired to educate
others on the importance of choosing the best foods for long term
healthy eating habits.  Irena’s goal is to transform calorie rich
foods to healthy delicious meals without losing any flavor and
incorporating the freshest produce seasonally available.

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