One of the nut-based foods I really miss is pesto, which is usually made with pine nuts but sometimes walnuts or even almonds. Sure, I prefer breathing comfortably, but knowing what you’re missing can be a drag when your dining companions are chowing down on deliciously green-coated pasta. Or when, like, every dining establishment ever seems to think every roasted vegetable sandwich needs a swab of basil-y paste to make it complete.

My internship partner and I talk recipes sometimes, and pumpkin seed pesto is something I remember brainstorming back on the Westchester shuttle this April. Took me long enough to get around to making it, but I finally did, and I’m so glad.

Pasta with motherf***ing pesto—finally!

Another of my fellow interns says her mom makes pasta with potato in it instead of pine nuts, so I think that might be my next experiment. For the time being, though, this pumpkin seed one is a keeper. Visit Peas and Thank You for the recipe—it’s delicious and super-simple. Mama Pea, you’re my hero : )

Do you like pesto? What’s your favorite way to make it? 

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