This morning in the Times I saw an ad for the American Beverage Association, which boasts it has reduced calories available in schools from beverages by 88%. I decided to check out their website.

Though I don’t want to just say “A-Plus for effort,” I liked a lot of what I read about nutrition education, moves to get full-sized high-calorie soft drinks out of schools, and vending machine selection buttons with readable calorie totals. However, I got a little prickly when I came to the School Beverage Guidelines page.

If you’re trying to show how caring and virtuous you are by stating what a vast, positive impact your efforts are having, you should really proofread bolded statements such as We have successfully changes the beverage landscape in schools across the country.”

Just my two cents for the morning. While not everyone cares about grammar, if you already know that people are going to be reading your materials with a skeptic’s eye, investing in a proofreader is worth the cost.

Visit the American Beverage Association for more.

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