While I love playing around in the kitchen and coming up with new recipes, presentation has not always been my strong suit. Chris, on the other hand, can make the simplest things look so pretty. Check out what he did with this salad:

Why can I never remember to do that? Paired with some brown rice and (tofurkey) sausage in spicy red sauce, it was the perfect fuel for paper-writing.

Attending my grandfather’s wake and funeral made for a kind of rough weekend, but I’m lucky to have such a close family. Being able to spend time swapping favorite stories was really comforting.

If I’d known the first few weeks of the new year were going to start this way, I probably would not have signed up for a winter session class, but at least having a paper and presentation to work on give me something to distract myself a little. I’m hoping to finish it soon, though, so I can relax for a few days before the spring semester starts again!

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