I’ve often wondered what it’s like to “be one thing.” For example, I’m mystified by the idea of being in a family where everyone is the same nationality.

Another big one: what it is like to have worked at the same company for many years? Dietitians, at least early on, tend to jump around a lot between jobs. In the past year alone, I’ve had three different name tags.

Though every job has its own atmosphere, there are some things about clinical nutrition jobs that are the same. There are also things about me that change and do not change with each one. One constant, however, is that I always need to have a notebook, formulary card, and hand sanitizer in my left lab coat pocket. Pens, keys, and calculator go in the right pocket. I also absolutely cannot handle a workday without blotting papers.

blotting papersAfter 6 months or sharing a windowless annex office with me, one of my coworkers must have picked up on this. Since she’s on vacation next week, we said goodbye last Thursday afternoon, even though my official last day is this Wednesday. I think her going-away gift was one of the most thoughtful I’ve ever received:

It’s the little things that help me feel prepared. I know that on stressful days (every job, no matter how awesome, has them), these Japanese blotting papers and tiny blue bottle of hand sanitizer will make me smile and chill out a bit.

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you. Can you believe we’re winding down to the end of January? Great time for a new moon! February is almost here, what the f***? I’m kind of, well, more than okay with that though. Who else is ready for a new leg of the journey?

What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever received? 



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