Even if I could afford to go out for lunch every day, I’m not sure I would. There’s something so calming about sitting in the sunshine eating a homemade meal. It definitely made all the difference today, turning a stressful into a calmly productive afternoon.

I had a salad of spinach with cucumber, tomato, soy chicken (Boca) and Chris-made hummus for dressing and dipping. I also threw in a Dr. Kracker flatbread and an apple.

During the morning, I was reminded of a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long time on how much I hate the Master Cleanse and wish people would stop doing it. Whenever I see someone with the tell-tale bottle of cayenne-maple lemonade, I want to launch into “Crazy Diets Are BAD For You!!!!” mode.

If you want to detox, cut back on the crap, eat some fibrous real food, drink plenty of water, and ignore text messages from your toxic friends.

But that’s just my two cents…

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