While running errands a little while ago I had to pass through Times Square—not one of my favorite places but always good people-watching. On 42nd Street between 6th and Broadway is a new bit of ridiculousness called Pop-Tart World.

What does Pop-Tart World have to offer?

  • A “multi-sensory café” offering a variety of Pop-Tarts toaster pastries, as well as Pop-Tarts-inspired snacks, bakery items and ice cream dishes.
  • A ‘varietizer’ machine, with which shoppers can build their own customized box of Pop-Tarts.
  • A custom T-shirt “creation station.”
  • Merchandise. Of course.
  • A touch screen video station where shoppers can access social media portals and make use of “interactive entertainment.” So you can twitter about your experience at Pop-Tart World, perhaps?

Of course, I had to go in. I’m fascinated by our country’s love of its junk food. I mean, showing our devotion with an hourly light show—how kooky is that?These places baffle me, truly.

Granted, I did eat two brown sugar Pop-Tarts almost every day for lunch in 8th grade, but I also had short pink hair and wore glitter lipstick. Teenagers do strange things.

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