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Episode 139: Spiritual Mixtape founder Daisy Mack on what it’s like to pivot to a career in wellness

  As a career changer, I sincerely love speaking with other career changers and learning from their experience. Because of this, I’m especially excited to speak with Daisy Mack, a breath work and stress management expert, certified integrative nutrition health coach and yoga teacher. Daisy helps people struggling with chronic stress build a personalized self-care protocol that supports and lifts them above their challenges. Prior to moving into wellness, Daisy spent 15 years working in...


Episode 142: Interview with Sarah Fay, Mental Health Advocate and Author of “Pathological”

In this podcast episode I chat with the inspiring advocate and author, Sarah Fay to discuss her amazing book, Pathological: The True Story of Six Misdiagnoses- a must-read about mental health. It is not only a manifesto on the issues with our national healthcare system, but also exposes the faults of supposed “strategic” documents like the DSM and other traditional avenues for mental health diagnoses.    In addition to discussing the patient experience, in this conversation, Sarah also...


Episode 138: An Interview with Pilates Expert and Educator Linda Farrell

I've often talked about how much I love Pilates. While I don't teach a lot right now I still have my own practice that's been so helpful for my mental and physical health. I’m thrilled to be bringing you a conversation with Linda Farrell, who trained not just me but hundreds of other instructors. In this episode, we talk about how she found this amazing exercise regimen and how it can help you support your mind and body. We also get an eagle-eye view of how life has brought her to this...


Episode 137: Hanger Management 101

Have you ever experienced moments of hunger and anger combined, known affectionately as hanger?  In this episode of my Little Game Changers podcast series, I’m sharing tips on how you can eat to support stable blood sugar and your emotional and physical well-being, while also enjoying foods which satisfy you and your cravings. I hope you come away with some helpful suggestions on how to best fill your plate with foods that fuel your body healthfully! Want to learn more about other game...


Episode 136: Interview with Seemore Meats & Veggies Founder Cara Nicoletti

I love having conversations with people who create things and bring about change, so I’m especially happy to share my interview with Cara Nicoletti! Cara is the Founder & CEO of Seemore Meats & Veggies, a women-owned meat company that makes sausages with fresh veggies and humanely raised meat.   Cara is a fourth generation butcher, winner of The Food Network’s Chopped, television host of VICE Munchies’ The Hangover Show and Open Fire, and author of literary cookbook, Voracious....