When it comes to goal-setting planning makes it happen. I sometimes get anxious about committing goals to paper because I’m terrified of failing, but I’ve found that putting it in writing and making myself a step-by-step plan to break large projects into manageable tasks helps me get where I want to do.

In that spirit, seeing as I have a birthday this week and 2017 around the corner, I took some time the other day to brainstorm my life and work goals for the coming year. I also made a new vision board:


Not sure what a vision board is? This post from Career Contessa talks about vision board and vision journaling and how they can be useful tools for personal and professional growth. I’ve been making these since before I knew there was a word for it, and I have to say, the few years where I forgot (here’s looking at you, 2014), I just felt so…unfocused.

Putting pen to paper is the easy part—it’s what I write down that sometimes requires me to be more purposeful. I’ve kept a journal since I was eight. Nerdy but true. I still have that first one plus most of my journals from elementary school,  middle school, high school, college, and grad school. I probably have more filled journals in my apartment than actual books. While it probably just reads like me talking to myself or thinking “out loud,” I’ve found that having some kind of structure in place is helpful when it comes to journaling about things like career.


I favor smaller, more purse-friendly styles these days without pesky spirals. I feel totally naked without a pen and paper handy. While I did the morning pages thing for a long time (reading The Artist’s Way at nineteen was life-changing), a pattern I’ve found suits my current lifestyle is to take a few moments every morning to jot down whatever’s in my head, a few things I’m grateful for, and goals for the day.



In the evening, I sit back down with that notebook and reflect on the day, writing down something I appreciate myself for, noting a choice that perhaps didn’t serve me so well, and saying something nice to myself before bed. It’s done wonders for my focus, and this simple ritual really helps me feel grounded, despite a crazy schedule.

Here’s to hoping the year ahead is a great one!

Do you keep a journal or have any daily practices you use to stay focused and grounded? I’d love to hear them! Have you ever made a vision board? 

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