While reading an email a little while ago, I clicked on a “Pizza By the Signs” link. It’s pretty hilarious. My favorite is Pisces. Be amused…

You want your pizza to go, with extra hot peppers.
You order one with everything on it, and then another in case you’re still hungry.
You like half mushroom and half olives but are usually too busy chatting with the waiter or delivery person to eat it.
You bake your own, making the dough from scratch and using tomatoes from your garden.
You prefer gourmet pizza from trendy Italian places, but you only eat a piece so that your stomach still looks flat in your fitted jeans.
You order plain cheese pizza and request extra napkins for blotting the grease.
You order one all-meat and one all-veggie because you can’t decide which one you want.
You get your pizza with pineapple, anchovies and secret sauce — and you also manage to get the delivery person’s phone number.
A Brazilian or Mexican pizza that can be put into an environmentally-friendly to-go box works for you.
You like any pizza that can be folded calzone-style so that you can eat while you work.
Mmmmm … doesn’t a wheat-free pizza with soy cheese topped with organic vegetables sound delicious?
You get lost on the way to the pizza shop and end up at a Thai restaurant instead.

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