So this post isn’t exactly about food except that, well…Have you ever heard the saying “Sex is like pizza?” Or is it that pizza is like sex? “Even when it’s not that great, it’s still pretty good.” Something like that.

If you came of age, like, anytime in the last 100 years in the U.S., then you’re at least probably familiar with the sex/baseball metaphor. Anyway, in this TED talk, educator Al Vernacchio discusses why we should move away from the outdated, sexist baseball comparison and instead start talking about sex in terms of pizza.

mood-lit pizza

mood-lit pizza

Now I know why it didn’t work out with Mr. Plain Cheese or Mr. All About the Sausage or Mr. “Carbs are the enemy” or Mr. “Dietitians don’t eat pizza.”

To lower any possibility of pizza-related guilt—real pizza, not metaphorical pizza—try sharing with a friend (or lover). Blot the oil. Have some salad on the side. Enjoy until you feel satisfied.

How do you like your pizza? 

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