Sometimes I talk myself out of buying certain food items that are a little more expensive. For example, Greek yogurt. At $2 (at least) for 6 oz, it’s pretty hard to justify stocking up when a 32-oz container of plain, regular yogurt, is only $2.99. I also often talk myself out of buying fruits and vegetables that are not on our “usual” list of Sh!t to Buy.

When I was talking about comfort foods yesterday, I meant to add something about indulging ourselves a little, and not feeling guilty about spending a little extra money.

I was feeling a little blue today while out running errands because my foot was bothering me despite my efforts to ignore the pain be gentle with it. Walking back from picking up a few books for upcoming Organic Wine Journal reviews, I realized I was hungry.

Most days, I’d just rush right on home and throw together a snack of what’s already in the fridge. Today, however, I took my time and stopped by a fruit stand to pick out some figs, which I’ve been lusting after all week. Then I went to a deli and got a container of my favorite Greek yogurt.

Though it looks like a mess, with some ground flax, berries, and honey mixed in, it totally made my afternoon.

The arrival of my new shoes helped too.

We’ve got a busy weekend coming up, complete with a picnic and Chris’ sister and her fiance coming to town, but tonight I’m hoping to lay low while I do the laundry and catch up on a few writing projects. I also have plans to make hummus and to try my hand at  eggplant bacon, something I’ve been talking myself out of for weeks.

Do you have any foods you treat yourself to when you need a little pick-me-up? What’s something you’re dying to try but keep talking yourself out of. 

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